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Travelling 5 exotic places in Thailand


It’s about time for us to reach the beginning of winter and the end of rainy season soon… Many of you may have plan for traveling abroad during Autumn season to several countries where the climates are cool and comfortable. You may even imagine about pictures of color leaf changing along the streets. Whenever you are planning for a trip abroad, you would feel wonderful to follow the real time Airfare Promotion of each airlines. Oop! But do not be hurry about that… Because before you think about having a great time of Autumn abroad trip. Let’s see our campaign which will take everyone to the addictive beauty of nature created in Thailand. You would have the same feeling as going abroad so that you may change your flight from other countries to travel in several provinces of Thailand instead!


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 Top 5 Thailand Destinations which feel like Going Abroad




Ban Pa Bong Piang > Sapa rice terrace field of Thailand:


  Ban Pa Bong Piang @Mae Hong Son : Many of you may not acquaint and never experience the beauty of rice terrace field at “Ban Pa Pong Piang”. The place which is full of rice terrace field beautiful scenery so that everyone surprisingly named it as “Sapa rice terrace field of Thailand” (Sapa - Romantic land of Vietnam). Ban Pa Pong Piang is the village of Pa Ga Ga Yo hill tribes. These villagers have utilized the agricultural land since their ancestors. By planting a variety of rice, corn and vegetables so that it becomes a charm place for tourists which falling in love unconsciously. 


Highlight of the high season : During August, Ban Pa Pong Piang is famous for its step farming. During this time of year, the plantation will be at its greenness showing the beauty of nature at its best. The ladder-like steps of step farming filling with all the green from the plantation is a sight you do not want to miss.



How to Travel : You can drive your car to Ban Pa Pong Piang but we recommend to drive slowly due to the narrow road and very curved. If you do not have your own car, we recommend to charter a car from Chiang Mai to Ban Pa Pong Piang which is more convenience in case that you would not like to drive by yourself.  

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 Mor Hin Khaow > Stonehenge of Thailand


  Mor Hin Khaow @Chaiyaphum : Anyone who would like to visit the Stonehenge of England but cannot effort for UK visa fees and the money in your bank account is unfavorable. Don't let your sorrows for visa fees that already paid. Let’s pack your travel luggage and go to Mor Hin Khaow at Chaiyaphum province which is called “Stonehenge of Thailand” by Thai people due to the beauty over there, is comparable to the Stonehenge in England. Mor Hin Khaow was established from the movement of the crust from the sides to force a decisive crooked decay and erosion, both vertically and horizontally causing the shape of monoliths, as seen in the present time. 


Highlight Landmark ideal for photography  : There are many shapes of monoliths at Mor Hin Khaow located in several points. The largest monolith size is similar to the size of hugging by 22 persons which located in “5 Monoliths” area. These stone pillars are the most distinctive monoliths which are the highlight Mor Hin Khaow trip. For those who fascinate of this place, let’s hurry and take their pictures!



How to Travel : The only way for traveling to Mor Hin Kha is by car due to no direct public transportation over there. You can go by dropping at Chaiyaphum city and charter or rent a car to Mor Hin Khaow afterwards.

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Ban Khiri Wong > Thailand Slow Life feel like traveling to Japan


  Ban Khiri Wong @Nakhon Si Thammarat : For those who loves the Japanese atmosphere, please raise your hand up! Because you will experience the slow life style along with the nature and pure air in Thailand as if you were traveling to Japan. A place that reminds us of the Japanese culture when it comes to touch all the atmosphere, way of life and nature over there. #Double Lucky Win. Ban Khiri Wong village located at Lan Saka district in Nakhon Si Thammarat province which may be claimed to be the best weather village in Thailand. Anyone who have never been there, let’s pack your bags and make a trip as soon as possible! 


Impressive Highlight for Slow Life lover  : Let's Go Ride a Bike! For your relaxation, you need to chill out by renting a bike and ride around the village to breathe fresh air. Moreover you can enjoy slow life style in the village which is surrounded by complicated mountains. You will be absolutely fascinated for sure!



How to Travel : When you arrive Nakhon Si Thammarat city (Amphoe Muang), you can take minibus from Ta Lat Yao (Yao Market) to Ban Khiri Wong village. The minibus operates daily from 07.00 to 16.00 with the ticket price of 20 baht. Whenever you arrive the village then rent a bike from the bike rental shop which is close to Khiri Wong bridge.

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Pang Ung > Switzerland of Thailand



  Pang Ung @Mae Hong Son  : Whenever someone mention about the most romantic place in Thailand, “Pang Ung” (Switzerland of Thailand) is always in high ranking attraction destination. It is claimed to be the most romantic place due to the reasons that visitors always impress by the picture of morning sun splashed and fog floating over the water surface among the pine forests and flower gardens. You do not need to go to Switzerland, it can be imitated by the atmosphere of pine forests, large trees along with the beauty of cold clear water over there. For this coming winter and the end of rainy season those who has not yet chosen a trip, Pang Ung is one of the best choice to end up with. 


Highlights of what to do in Pang Ung  : Unless you do rafting ride around for enjoying the scenery, it seems that you have not reached Pang Ung! Therefore, do not forget to enjoy rafting ride for the scenery of the pine forests, flower gardens, white swans and black swans. These swans have been initiated by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand. Or you may visit to Pang Ung Park which plants avocado, persimmon, pear, plum, etc. For your reference, all of these plants are the rare trees planting in Thailand.



How to Travel : You can take minibus route Mae Hong Son - Huai Makhuea Som from minibus station which located in front of Sai Yud market at Mae Hong Son downtown. You will arrive Pang Ung (Ban Ruam Thai) by this minibus route which operate twice a day by depart from Mae Hong Son at 09.00 and 14.00, return from Pang Ung at 06.00 and 11.00. If it is not convenience for you to follow minibus timetable, you can charter minibus for your own at the price about 600 baht.

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Wat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn > Tibet of Thailand


  Wat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn @Lampang : With their distinctive peculiar white pagodas were built on top of high mountain ranges which are similar to the high peak temple in Tibet, so the "Tibet of Thailand" named by this reason. Wat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn is also known as “Wat Phra Bat Pupha Daeng” which has scenic 360 degree viewpoint that stands to admire the beauty of nature. It is not difficult to walk to this viewpoint, there are some paths that you can help you walk easier by strolling across the iron bridges. Even some paths seem like trekking in the forest for 1 kilometer, but it is worth to sweat by taking so many scenic beauty view pictures instead. 


Impressive Highlight for Wat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn visit : There is Buddha's footprint at Wat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn located at Doi Ji Mong or Phu Pa Mong’s mountain. So once in a life time that travelers feel appreciated to pray for Buddha’s footprint at this temple.



How to travel : It is recommended to take flight to Lampang Airport and then charter a car directly there. If you are not familiar with the road over there, you may easily get a car accident due to not only the road is so narrow and only one lane, but also close to the deep canyon. So for your safety, let’s take a charter car who familiar with this road to Wat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn 

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  In fact there are plenty of tourist attractions in Thailand with the beauty atmosphere similar to travel abroad. However, many people may not have been there yet so they think that there are only few attraction places in Thailand compare with other countries. But if you try to search for more information, you will know that there are many interesting attractions such as Payam Island named as Maldives of Thailand or Santorini Park  Cha-Am which many people even claim their beauty like travel in Greece.



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