Kad Kong Ta (Lampang Walking Street)

Kad Kong Ta (Lampang Walking Street)


   Kad Kong Ta Walking Street (Lampang)

If you’ve been to Lampang, then Kad Kong Ta should sound familiar. If not, it’s time for you to find out exactly what it is. Although a lot has change over the years in Kad Kong Ta, it still remains one of Lampang’s busiest commercial areas. Along both sides of the road, you will find plenty of food, restaurants, desserts, souvenirs, and much more that you can buy. By now, you should be able to guess that Kad Kong Ta is none other than the town’s famous walking street.

Lampang Walking Street or Kad Kong Ta is Known for historical trading Zone over 100 years ago. The trade began along the bank of Wang river and later become center of trades. The buildings and houses werw built with the mixed of Western,Burmese-Thaiyai and Chinese styles.


However,Today this charming architectural has returned to its old memories and is one of the most visited, impressive and memorable spots where various handmade goods are sold.

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