Khun Chang Khien

Khun Chang Khien

 Khun Chang Khien

'Pink land view Sakura of Thailand.'


  Khun Chang Khien Or at the research station and agricultural training center. Located in Chang Phuak, Amphur Muang and Tambon Mae Ram, Chiang Mai. It is an area of ​​famous Thai coffee. Actually, this is a kung haul. It is not a tourist attraction. But it is a research station. Coffee beans The weather is plentiful, plumed, plumed, avocado, macadamia, and there are no tourist facilities like other attractions.



And with the fence of the research center is planted tiger queen. In the winter, the queen of tiger. The Thai people call it Sakura Thailand. It will blossom in the area and the area. This place becomes pink along the way. You may have to call the research station again that the flower queen tiger bloom, or because 1 year only bloom to see only one week!



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