3 Doi Chiang Mai where you have to go once in your life

3 Doi Chiang Mai where you have to go once in your life

 3 Doi Chiang Mai where you have to go once in your life  


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   If you have to go to Chiang Mai in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. There are beautiful mountains. And the atmosphere of the mountains and mountains. Today, we have 3 gather in Chiang Mai that you have to go once in your life. Before traveling we had to prepare before going up the hill. Are you ready to travel? Prepare to book your car rental. Here At the same time, we travel together.


 Doi Ang Khang 


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Coordinates : In the Fang village of Fang.

    Doi Ang Khang is about 1,400 meters above sea level. The valley is about 5 km long, 3 km wide, in the middle of Doi Angkhang. Originally a high mountain, as well as the surrounding area. The area is mostly limestone mountains. When the water is often leaking, it gradually dissolves into a cavity, collapsing into a basin. The average temperature is 17.7 degrees. Suggest to go to January. The lowest temperature is -3 degrees in the morning, it will have a beautiful island. Let's have it together.



 Doi Moong 



Coordinates : Hmong Nong Hoi Village, Mae Rim

    The mountain is cool all year round. Morning fog is very good. The view is wide. At one side, you will see the mountains in Chiang Mai turn to the other side, you will see the plantation of the Royal Project. Interesting activities If it comes here is a set. Fresh air In addition to natural activities, there are also shops, restaurants, and restaurants close by.




 Doi Monong 



Coordinates : Rural road

    Doi Monong 1 of the 10 highest mountains in Thailand. It is 1,929 meters above sea level, located on the central Thongchai Road. The nature of the mountain is similar to the head of a lion. This is a highlight. High mountains and low complex. The period should be from December to January. The weather is very good. And a thousand years flowering roses bouquet beautifully told this size. You have to go to 3 Doi and you do not forget.


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