Popular Destination in the rainy season of Chiang Mai.

Popular Destination in the rainy season of Chiang Mai.

 Popular Destination in the rainy season of Chiang Mai.

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  In mid September, this way. It's the last full moon! After this, it will be the end of the cold rain that many people are waiting for anyway. Because the weather starts to cool down. The rain began to disappear. It's a season that everyone wants to come soon. Because everyone wants to go out to experience the cold wind in the north or the famous landmark. 'Chiang Mai' but do you know if you want to go to Chiang Mai? Visit the rich atmosphere and nature. You do not have to wait until the late winter rain. Because during the rainy season, you can lie back and rest in the green nature. Bring ozone air into the lungs. If so, let's see it better than Chiang Mai in the rainy season...



 Baan Pa Bong Piang

Rice field has been nicknamed. 'Sapa Steps of Thailand' because it is beautiful not to step on Sapa in Vietnam anyway. In the rainy season, rice fields at Ban Bong Pong are abundant. Green shade to the mountains. Who love nature during the rainy season, it is recommended not to miss. Because tourists are not very much. There is more space and angle to shoot than winter. Who would like to live a slow life in their own style. Here, there are homestay homestay for the people as well. Another plane ticket is also!



 Rafting Mae Taeng

The activities of these Adventures. Some people may not even know that Chiang Mai has such exciting and exciting rafting activities. Let's just say that one must try it! Because of the length and the crook of Mae Taeng Kaeng will make you excited to sit idle. Rafting on the Yangtze River along a river with a distance of about 10 kilometers, which takes about two hours each, it is difficult to switch. Who would come to Mae Taeng Rafting recommend that you put on clothes that are very careful and do not take water. Do not forget that you will have to raft for up to 2 hours. If wearing clothes that are soaked, it is very risky to wear!


Source: touchchiangmai.com


 Doi Inthanon National Park

National parks that tourists know very well. Because here in the winter it is full of tourists from all over the place to experience the cold. And you can see the sea mist hardly. But during this rainy season, Doi Inthanon National Park has the same beautiful nature as the winter. Because here in the winter it is covered with trees and lush jungle. Highlights that are not missed during the rainy season are: Kiew Mae Pan Nature Study Trail Natural line avid must go! Because you will see the abundance of nature and the misty rainy season is equally beautiful.


Source: Travel.mthai.com


 Mon jam


I can not tell you just winter, let me tell you! Because during the rainy season here is equally good. Because when you come to me. You will see the flowers bring flowers bloom together happily. Because when the rain down. The nature that once dried up has come to life again. You will also be able to show off the beautiful photos that your friends have seen, you may think that you are outside. In addition, in the morning of every day after the rain. You will also be able to sit and watch the sea of ​​fog floating near. Tell me, Fin!


Source: Pantip.com

Source:  travel.sanook.com


 Ob Luang National Park

Another attraction of nature lovers. Take you to the waterfront tent amidst mountains and tranquil forest. And the highlight here is 'Luang', which is characterized by a narrow strait with a rocky cliff, which makes it a deep gorge. The depth of the cliff from the bridge to the water level is about 32 meters, the narrow is 2 meters wide and the strait is about 300 meters long and there are also interesting attractions. Is Prehistoric human land The forest is spacious and nature trails are not to be missed.


Source: tiewkanmai.com

Source: topicstock.pantip.com


Know this and do not wait! Pack your bags and book cheap airfare to Chiang Mai. Because this is nearing the end of the rainy season, then another year to come to this rainy season ... And if you come to Chiang Mai, you do not know how to go. It is advisable to rent a car better. Because I want to stop where I like. Or if anyone is afraid of rain, slippery roads and dangerous because they do not know the route. I can charter a car to send a single way, it is a good choice anyway.


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