Chalerm Phrakiat Phrajomklao Rachanusorn Temple

Chalerm Phrakiat Phrajomklao Rachanusorn Temple

 Chalerm Phrakiat Phrajomklao Rachanusorn Temple 

  The Unseen Temple of Thailand There is a white pagoda on top of a mountain that seems unlikely to be built on it. Phil is similar to the Tibetan temple we often see on TV often. Made here to get the nickname. "Tibet in Thailand" Honor King Bhumiban Memorial. Or the temple of the Red Pooh. Located in the district of Chaing Mai, Lampang in the Doi Phraya Wildlife Sanctuary. A holy place And was built with the strength of the faith of the people here. It took several years to build this temple.



>>The temple grounds are divided into 3 floors.<<

 first floor It is the location of the statue of the Buddha. Or some people call it "Lower Temple". This area is the site of the temple and pagoda. We can go to worship the Buddha inside the Ubosot model from the eponymous. This is a statue of King Rama IV, one of the temple is similar to the Lanna Temple. Two storey roof. And a pair of lion standing guard at the entrance to the courtyard.

 Second floor It's a four-wheel drive and expert driver. Because of the steep and dangerous drought. It is a place where you can worship the footprints of the people here, and every year, on the eighth lunar month, there will be a regular worship of Buddha statues. Inside the pavilion, there will be a replica of the Buddha footprint. And footprints in the nearby rock as well.

 Third floor Walk up the hill about 1 kilometer to Doi Phrathat. By the way, the steel steps to walk up easily. On the way there is a scenic spot to stop by the beautiful view by looking down to see the city of Pan Pan. Seeing the country and the fields. The top of this is enshrined of the golden relics. And a priest's pride as well.



 Map to Chalerm Phrakiat Phrajomklao Rachanusorn Temple 


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