Huai Tor Elephant Camp

Huai Tor Elephant Camp

Huai Tor Elephant Camp

(Mae Hong Son)


Enjoy the elephant into the forest to see the trees of nature. A breath of fresh air to fill the lungs. It takes about 20 minutes from downtown, across the river. Through the palace Tha Pong Daeng Traverses the road to the mean.


Elephant Recreation exacting casual comfort with a nice view of foliage plants. Wobble and wobble On the stroke of elephants What's seat So that both people and elephants employed. Or just for fun

The origin of the name of Mae Hong Son. This elephant trainers from Raceway English pronunciation of the "r" to "Hop" is currently teaching an elephant to abstain. Because the war is not the elephant. And the tow was not Amge Chang unemployed (over estrus) must be a self-sufficient fashion. The training support for tourism. To fund the bulldozers and elephants.



Tai Chang first rate service fee rope approximately Baht 600 seats two people (small extra seat) takes about one hour during the morning will see a smooth transition period. The atmosphere is serene, relaxing after the hustle of tourist activities could have continued. In the afternoon By releasing the elephants resting and living independently.

Hong is currently the only remaining Elephant Elephant is home to the creek. On the way to Karen Long Neck. Ban Huay Sua Tao Across the river from the city to the palace Tha Pong Daeng. Then traverses the small paved road approximately 20 minutes call the tour elephant tour, Wen tried 053,611,979.

District Pai Elephant Camp is a small 3-4 on the road in all. Wat Phra That Mae Yen to the Tha Pai hot spring. The tour has an elephant. Pai Adventure 053,699,385.


Thanks for the good of Tourism Authority of Thailand,

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