Pang Mapa Cave Mae Hong Son

Pang Mapa Cave Mae Hong Son

Pang Mapa Cave

(Mae Hong Son)


Location : Rural Road West. 4014 Pang Ma Pha Pang Ma Pha district of Mae Hong Son 58,150.

The cave was rumored to panoramic longer than 1 km to howl with stalactites grow quaint. But it is a beautiful work of nature. Also, when a raft into another 300 meters to the stone diamond. Reflective shimmering in the heart of the cave


Cave is located in Pang Ma Pha district cave. Pang Ma Pha district. Mae Hong Son archaeological site is currently in the care of the Wildlife Pai River. There is an interesting cave, which has a creek running through the mountains to wash out through the other side. Causing a cave with stalagmites and stalactites. The tools found Ancient cave presumably last about 2000 years ago.


Pang Mapa Cave - Mae Hong Son


'Pang Mapa Cave' is a famous cave beautiful and viewed easily the most comfortable in the cave all. Visits from cave Front have to walk about 350 meters along the navigation channel and lamps. Why is not installed The light in the cave, it is bordered to the treatment of these caves and beautifully maintained pipeline at all times. Also make extra money for. Nearby residents who apply for a jockey to educate tourists. At the mouth of the cave surfer. Tickets are definitively discovered why the cave is called "cave" That's because this cave has a stream running through the camp. Entrance to the cave is inside the cavity of a length of over 500 meters wide and 20 meters high, 50 meters of this hole river erosion over millions of years. A presentation of three large caves, including caves, dolls and monolithic cave man cave.


Pang Mapa Cave - Mae Hong Son


The three routes into the cave requires a raft ride. A length of about one kilometer consists of a hall.

  Monolithic cave The cave entrance pillars to the cave, where you will visit the raft ride for about 300 meters, it only takes a moment, then went on the way up to a few meters. It has a natural interest, including "Curtains Rock" also known as "glitter rock" looks like sedimentary limestone curtains with white light. Scientists called "Crystals at Cal," the result of thousands of years underground. What stands out most in this cave is a stone pillar at the center of the cave. There is a bar of stalactites converge nicely. With a height of 21.45 meters as a pillar supporting the ceiling and floor of the cave it. Output went back to the original You can enjoy rafting, cave to rest or return it.


Pang Mapa Cave - Mae Hong Son


   Cave Dolls  Next to the cave was monolithic cave dolls sit on a raft over a distance of approximately 80 meters is the most spectacular and beautiful cave caves are remarkable stalactites shaped like dolls lining the set. Floors throughout the cave Nearby there are also paintings of ancient human history. The images used red and black paint. No evidence indicates that the colors used are made of all three images of people, animals and plants, a tourist should see with the eyes alone. Should not be penalized because it will get damaged.

   Man cave Man cave is a cave the last circular route. The distance from the cave about 450 meters past the doll inside this cave has many important artifacts such as pottery, ancient human bones. Stone tools Is an indispensable and important piece coffin's wooden coffin that name that the ancient human burial. Indeed, there may Pang Ma Pha cave man cave in this way to 74, but only through a cave can only be visited at their fingertips.


Getting to the cave Pang Ma Pha.

By Car
Educational nature and wildlife through a cave. Cave is located at about 77 kilometers from the town of Mae Hong Son on highways. 1095 (Pangmapa - PAI) of about 138-139 km and turn left into the Pang Ma Pha district. The cave houses approximately 9 kilometers.


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