2000 Tea (Chiang Mai )

2000 Tea (Chiang Mai )

   2000 Tea  (Chiang Mai )

        Tea Plantation, 2000 one spot on Doi Ang Khang is a spectacular dig sunrise mist mix. In an atmosphere of streaks of tea convert gradient in high angle. Two thousand tea plantation is located on the left hand side before the North and then home. When there are no signs in the area to make inquiries to the locals.


2000 Tea (Chiang Mai )


          2000 Valley tea plantation, a small but very beautiful. With views of the sea and strawberry farms, tea farms. Stepped on the hill A picture that you will be impressed. Because of the mist here Is like water flowing through the gorge. Surrounded on all sides See comfort I just want to stop time.   

          Also recommend a notably point. The many people who see it like that. The only people who like tea. Or like to experience cold weather on Doi Ang Khang. Find a nice view to take, then you should not miss. An interesting point of conversion Tea 2000 provides several points, especially the view. He made two major points trust. This is the area wind Cannon.


2000 Tea (Chiang Mai )


           And the other went down to the conversion chart below. Let's say that if I wanted to walk down to enjoy the view from the bottom looking up, with the two points are very elegant tea to tourists soak up the atmosphere Chill course. Road entrance to the tea plant was filled with maple and pine house LA is very beautiful. Come visit the tea taste Visit the use of clean energy Tourism experienced a heart of green.


2000 Tea (Chiang Mai )


   More details tea plantation in Chiang Mai in 2000. 

Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station     0-5345-0107 - 9 

         Minibus service with shuttle bus Doi Ang Khang. It will transfer the entrance to Doi Ang Khang after the tour at various points as Doi Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Project. Scenic Sunrise The mist Strawberry growers Burberry stepped tea plantation 2000 Scenic Thailand Burma Border Village North and then contact you Nirut call 087 191 5622 Contract price around 1,000-1,500 baht.


   Doi Ang Khang travel

   By car
You can have two ways:
- From the Chiang Dao road around the city can turn left. Home dawn coming up the drive may be narrow but not steep. There are signs all the way (to the game. The soil during the day)
- Re-routing to the driver through the Chiang Dao. District Vacation - Fang Road Superhighway Curves than Continued driving for about 70 km up the road, you will notice. Measure the Pleasure Beach Turn left, drive about 25 km route is very steep (km 14-18) should drive with caution, then. Each time the car is ready

   public Transport
  By bus Spa Chiang Mai province The way to Doi Ang Khang The car can go up
- Bus Galaxy a van (150 baht) and a bus (85 baht).
- Exactly the way up ANGKHANG km 137 with two rows of cars queue service - tourists do not drive up the mountain itself h. Two rows of white cars queue Ang aneurysm (The Pleasure Beach) call 053-884848 / 086-1947484 contact you deserve.

  Type of van 10 people
To - to cost about 1800 baht (visiting the Royal Project).
House prices hold at around 2000 baht THB 2300 North and then: flat edge.

  Type minibus 10 people
To - to cost about 1200 baht.
To - is allowed but cost about 1400 baht.
North Village: the flat edge for about 1,700 baht.


   Tea Plantation, 2000 Chiang Mai travel map 



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