Eagle Track Zipline with Return Transfer (Silver Package)

Eagle Track Zipline with Return Transfer (Silver Package)

Eagle Track Zipline with Return Transfer (Silver Package)

Silver package is our “get your feet wet” zipline Eco adventure. Whipping fast through the air on ziplines, with the jungle on both sides as you fly by, you will leave the busy world behind and immerse yourself deep in the jungle. Around the zipline course are platforms suspended high up in the trees, with the spectacular jungle view surrounding you and paddy fields along the MaeRam river far below. These are the take off point and landing zone for many of our ziplines. For some other platforms there are bridges and steps that are used to traverse between platforms. Our “Kung Fu Steps” are our homage to martial artist Bruce Lee, where you can step, or almost hop, from one step to the next until you reach the next platform at the other side. As with all activities with Eagle Track, safety is the number one priority, so for our bridges you will be hooked into a safety cable that runs above you. That way you can have fun without worrying about falling down. From one platform you have choice whether to descend using a spiral staircase or to take the faster route and abseil down instead! The abseiling is performed while you are hooked into a safety cable with the rate of descent carefully controlled by our staff. Our “Zig-zag walkway” is a unique invention made of wooden planks that zig zag across to gradually make their way to the next platform. The Zig-zag bridge sways and bounces around as you cross, making this a fun or scary crossing, depending on how much you can get into the swing of things. The adventure ends with a walk across our 50 meter bamboo bridge, carefully constructed with interwoven bamboo slats, and up past the impressive waterfall to our restaurant just above it. Also included with the Silver package is the round-trip transfer from Chiang Mai, a lunch at our Waterfall "s Edge restaurant and refreshments.


Tour included

• 20 Platforms

• 9 Ziplines

• 3 Abseiling (10, 20, 40 m.)

• 1 Bamboo bridge (50 m.)

• 1 Hill tribe ladder

• 1 Kung Fu walk

• 1 Monkey bridge

• 1 Sky bridge

• 1 Spiral staircase

• 1 Zig-zag walk way

• Nature trail and waterfall


Tour included services

• City round-trip transfer

• Meal • Hot coffee & tea

• Drinking water

• First aid insurance

• Free 1 Buff


Please call Asia Travel Number : +66 2 6797185 or +66 2 6797187 for further information.




- Please be aware that when you book with us, please use the same name that you use when you check- in at your hotel in order to avoid any misunderstanding when our tour staff comes to pick you up at your hotel lobby.

- In case you advise us different name when you book a tour, please call to inform us your room number before your tour date to help us locate you. Failure to advise us your room number may cause you to miss the tour bus (no show). Asiatravel reserves the right not to give you back any refund in case of no show.

- Children under 6 years old are not allowed to join this tour

- Please inform us your convenience of pickup time as following

07.00 hrs.

08.00 hrs.

09.00 hrs.

12.00 hrs.

13.00 hrs.


Please call Asia Travel Number : +66 2 6797185, +66 2 6797187 for further information.

Pickup Time: 07.00 hrs./08.00 hrs./09.00 hrs./12.00 hrs./13.00 hrs.

Tour Starts Time: 07.30 hrs./08.30 hrs./09.30 hrs./12.30 hrs./13.30 hrs.

Duration: 4 hrs.


Package Inclusive

- Half Day Silver - Eagle Track Zipline Tour with Lunch (joined tour)

- Return Transfer (join) English Speaking Tour Guide


Booking Period: 15 Sep 2014 to 31 Oct 2015

Travel Period: 15 Sep 2014 to 31 Oct 2015







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