Enjoying the cold breeze with 9 Royal Projects

Start Date : 14 November 2016 End Date : 16 December 2016



Enjoying the cold breeze with 9 Royal Projects ...

"Follow our Father's footsteps. Don't forgot to visit his Royal Projects once in our Life"

​         Where will you go in this winter?...  When we talk about winter, we actually think of Chiang Mai. But the places that we will recommend to you, we are sure that it will change your trip in Chiang Mai to be a special trip with “9 Royal Projects of His Majesty that should go once in your life” which His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej was initiated to set the Royal Projects to be the learning place, job and future creation for hill tribe Thai people and these projects were developed to become a sustainable tourist attraction. If you are ready, we will walk following His Majesty's footsteps


01 Luang Khun Wang Project Development Center

‘Luang Khun Wang Project Development Center’ is located on Doi Inthanon. At that time, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej had royal words with Horticultural Division, Department of Agriculture to use this field as an experiment place and propagate plants on highland for promoting and pass on technology to agriculturists on highland and for replacement of growing opium.


The tourists that come to visit Chiang Mai Royal Agriculture Research Center (Khun Wang) will enjoy with Agro-tourism and tourists can see the beauty of plants plot, winter zone fruits which will bloom cheerfully. Furthermore, tourists can walk to study agriculture experiment plot within the center with the authorities whose will take care following interesting points on specified way.   



  Royal Project accommodation
Location : 12 . Muang, Baan Khun Wang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50360
Phone : 053-114-133 , 081-960-2033 , 053-114-136
Time : Contact us office hours 

Luang Project Development Center (Khun Wang)
Khun Wang Agriculture Research Center has about 4 guesthouses to accommodate the tourists. Each of guesthouses can support the tourists for 4-8 persons. There are spaces to put up camp for 2 points as following: lawn area in front of the office and vale greet area. Both 2 points can support tourists about 100 persons. Furthermore, there are foods to serve in affordable price and free Arabica coffee for free taste all day.







02 Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center

‘Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center’ has responsible area for 153,592 Rai which is cover area of 19 villages in Chiang Mai province and 2 villages in Mae Hong Son. The topography here is big and plentiful pine forest and deciduous dipterocarp forest. It is located on a height of 960 meters above sea level.


The important prominent point of Kalayaniwattana district is the vast natural pine forest for more than 100,000 Rai, it is regard as the largest pine forest in Southeast Asia. General people know this pine forest as “Wat Chan pine forest” or “Ban Wat Chan pine forest”.


  Wat Chan Royal Royal Project accommodation

    Contact us : Wat Chan Royal Royal Project ,Ban Wat Chan,Kalayaniwattana District, Chiang Mai
    Phone  : 084-365-5405 or 053-318-325
    Time :  8:30–16:30 pm.





03 Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center

‘Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center’ is located in Huay Kaew district, Mae Orn sub-district. This is the other one center that begin from will and wide vision of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej who give his property for construct Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center to be a development, demonstration and promotion place of Chinese mushroom and coffee arboriculture. He need it to be a second source of income of people except tea-leaves used for masticatory purposes plantation.   

  Tips : the weather here has minimum temperature at 15 degree Celsius and maximum temperature at 35 degree Celsius. The average rainfall is 1,680 millimeters per year.    



  Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center guesthouse
was constructed for tourists to relax amid natural. Each of guesthouses was constructed in descending order following hill which is surrounded with trees and mountain so the weather is cool all the year. There are facilities in both relax zone and restaurant. 

Location  : Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiagn Mai 
Phone :  093-1467726
Travelling  : The center is far from Muang Chiang Mai for 55 kilometers, the travelling time is around 1 hour by using Chiang Mai-San Kampang-Mae orn route, pass San Kampang geyser to Ban Mae Kampong. Teen Tok center will be on the left side before arriving Ban Mae Kampong. All route condition is macadamized road until arriving at the center.






04 Nong Hoii Royal Project Development Center

‘Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center’ It is almost unbelievable that the condition of deforestation by hill tribe to grow opium and shifting cultivation at the last 27 years will recover to fertility.


It is not just recover verdure to nature in the area of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, but it also give honest occupation to support people’s life proudly in the name of Hnong Hoi Royal Project Development Center which is set up following the Royal thought of idea to upgrade livelihood of hill tribe to be better.   


   Monjam Camping Resort
Mon Jam is a part area of Hnong Hoi Royal Project that is populist overwhelmingly from tourists as it is a beautiful viewpoint and there is planting of flowerer and garden trees. Furthermore, it also has the point to put up camp for tourists.

Location : Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center  Mae Ram, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai  
Contact us : 081-806-3993, 084-372-0466






05 Doi Ang Khang Royal Project Development Center

‘Doi Ang Khang Royal Project Development Center’ is the first research station of Royal Project which is set up following the Royal thought of idea of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej that is “to help them to help themselves”. 


His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has royal intention to hill tribe that live on any hills in the North of Thailand to stop opium planting and shifting cultivation as it is the important cause that destroy forest and river source.  Doi Ang Khang that used to be a bald hill in the past transform into the hill of fertility with research and development of seedling more than 12 types, more than 60 types of winter zone vegetables and more than 20 types of winter zone flowers.   


  Ang Khang Royal Project guesthouse 

Ang Khang Royal Project guesthouse (Ang Khang Royal agriculture station) is located on Doi Ang Khang. The tourists will touch the fresh air and see winter zone flowers at Ang Khang Royal agriculture station.

Location  :  Doi Ang Khang Royal Project Development Center , Doi Ang Khang,Amphoe Fang, Chiang Mai 50110
Contact us  : 0-5396-9476-78 to 113 or 114





06 Doi Inthanon Royal Project Development Center


‘Doi Inthanon Royal Project Development Center’ is located in the area of Doi In Natural Park. Most people who live in this area are Thai hill tribes of Karens and Hmong that invade the forest area, shifting cultivation, planting rice, corn field and opium which cause the forest that used to be plentiful to become decadent forest.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has royal intention to help these hill tribes to have resident workplace and get knowledge in new plan of agriculture. He need to improve their livelihood to be better by turning to cultivate in permanent agriculture which is the origin of setting up “Inthanon Royal Project Research Station”

Furthermore, they also bring the study research to be occupation of farmers to support the income of the families of hill tribe farmers and also to develop forest and water conservation and social basic facilities which was finally received the royal permission to be “The Royal Agricultural Centre Inthanon” in B.E. 2550   


  Doi Inthanon  Royal Project guesthouse 

     'Doi Inthanon  Royal Project guesthouse' nature surrounded by mountains. Experience pure air Enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

Contact us : Royal Inthanon (Office) 202, Moo. 7, Baan Luang, Jomthong, Chiangmai
Phone : 053-286-771, 053-286-772 , 080-7691944 fax. 053-286-770






07 The Development Center of the Royal Project Mon-ngor

‘The Development Center of the Royal Project Mon-ngor’’ is located in the area of the Maetang National Forest, Maetang district. The population here are local people and the Hmong tribes. In topography, most characterized by hills and moutains and plains are less common. Its altitude is 700-1,250 metres high above mean sea level. Its average temperature is 24 degrees celcius.

The center was founded by Her Serene Highness Princess Bhisadej Raj, Chairman of the Royal Project Foundation. As the royal command to survey the land, it was found that Hmong tribe earn their living by deforestation for shifting cultivation and planting opium.   






08 The Development Center of the Royal Project Tung Luang​


‘The Development Center of the Royal Project Tung Luang’ 

was established to develop well-being of hill tribes project under the royal initiation by supporting to plant crops such as fruits, flowers and vegetables at the first step.

Later the project was extened to the field of farming and finally the project can be developed and supported in the aspect of economics, social and culture including natural resources conservation.

Currently the Development Center of the Royal Project Tung Lunag holds the responsibility to develop the land for 1,460.50 rai.   



  Royal Project accommodation

'Royal Project accommodation'  4 houses, capacity of 40 people, campsite is available, tent for rent is available including sleeping bags for 2 people, visitor who has own tent will be charged only for maintenance.

Contact us :  The Development Center of the Royal Project Tung Luang , Mae Wang , Mae Wen ,Chiang Mai
Phon : 098-2789061 or 084-9483546






09 The Development Center of the Royal Project Mae To

‘The Development Center of the Royal Project Mae To’ The project foundation is located in the Hod district in which the Hmong tribe and the Karen tribe live and earned their living by planting opium and doing slash- and-burn agriculture. 


His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej had the idea to develop and support people here to do new theory agriculture for better living and reduce the deforestation including providing knowledge about utilizing water resource for the most benefits.   


  Houses at the Royal Project Foundation Mae To 

Houses at the Royal Project Foundation Mae To, Chiangmai Province: 1 house and capacity for 10 people, tent is available, meal service: breakfast, lunch and dinner, shuttle bus service to tour around greenhouses and sightseeing point.

Contact us : The Development Center of the Royal Project Mae To Bo Sali ,Hod, Chiang Mai
Phon : 088-434-4902






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