Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai"

Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai"


Nimmanhaemin Road, a “Hip Street for Hipster” in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A trendy center for Hipsters and the gang! Nimmanhaemin is surrounded by trendy shops and restaurants with traditional Thai Lanna style decoration. This road is the most popular in Chiang Mai. By one week, you can explore the daily unique landscape for 7 days differently. We are collecting all ‘Must-Go’ places in Nimmanhaemin Road’s Travel Guide Book below or simply Save & Download Guide Book Issue2 “Chill Walk Chill Week @ Nimmanhaemin Road” into your computer or smartphone to help you plan your vacation with exclusive tour guide for 7 days 7 lifestyle!


Guide Book Chiang Mai
Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin"


Nimmanhaemin Road  A Hip Street in the city. The incorporation of teens, adults and foreigners who love the colorful lifestyle. It is surrounded by shops and creative restaurants. However, it still retains the Lanna lifestyle. Whether you come day or night, the business area is still bustling with trade and street entertainment.

Chiang Mai Province  'Chiang Mai'  is in the North which is full of  history. It has identity, tradition, culture and local languages with a fascinating charm especially it's outstanding natural features and art attractions. Tourists come from all of the world to visit.

Chiang Mai International Airport  Or  'Chiang Mai Airport'  Gateway to the North. A land of beauty and priceless cultural heritage. It played a central role in the promotion of tourism in Northern Thailand.  It can accommodate more than 8 million passengers a year.


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 Traveling from Chiang Mai International Airport 

  • Available transportation services from the airport – You can also book car rental online. Click here
  • Red minibus – The traditional way of transportation that you can take everywhere in Chiang Mai. Start at 20฿
  • Taxi – Start at 180 – 400฿ 


Guide Book Chiang Mai
 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


 Things to bring 

  • Baggage – Clothes, (Cold weather clothing*medicines, headgear, equipment and personal items
  • Backpack – sun glasses ,Pocket book , notebook and pens , cables , wallet , camera , umbrella , mobile phone**
    Power Bank***


Guide Book Chiang Mai
Guide Book: Issue 01 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin"

*For Winter,  during the months of October to February each year.
***A Power bank is not allowed to load on the plane. You can bring it on the plane though. (As long as it doesn’t have a capacity over 32,000 mAh)

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Guide Book Chiang Mai
Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 

 Exclusive "Nimmanhaemin" Map 

Sweet & Dessert
1. Hom-pak-hom-kor
21.Mont Blanc Sweet café
39. iBerry

Chic Coffee & Afternoon Tea
9.Ristr8to Coffee
11 Librarista Coffee
12. Kafe Roubaix
17. Barkao Coffee
40. Tichaa Tearoom by HARRN

Cool Activities in Relax Day
2. The Booksmith
7. To Tell Nimman
41. Gallery Seescape
44. C.A.M.P Creative

Local Street Foods
3. Ivy Gourd Noodle
22. Khun Yay Sausage
32. Tong Tem To restaurant
33. Fried chicken with Kaffir lime leaves
34. Nimman Deep-fried dough stick

Gift Shop
5. Silver Birch  
6. Wit’s Collection
10. Maneesilp
15. TidTaTidJai
20. A.S. Fine Jewelry
43. Think Park
47. Dom Shop
Great Places for Hipsters
4.Koland Café
13. Nori Nakara
23. Larb bar
35. The Salad Concept
38. Steak Meet love

Dance in the Floor
18. Infinity
29. Warm Up Café

Chill Drink Chill Night
24. Klin-Kaffe
25. Coffee Bar after Sunset
26. Lism Café
30. Beer Republic
45. Myst Rooftop Bar
46. Rooftop

Chic Hotels
8. Nimman Mai Hotel
14. Banthomsathan
19. Yantarasri Resort
27. Nimman Soi9
28. At Nimman Conceptual Home
31. Kantary Hill Hotel
36. Hallo Dormtel
37. The Artel Nimman
42. Paan Malee Home Guesthouse



7 Days 7 Lifestyle @ Nimmanhaemin Road ,Chiang Mai

A short road that has been mentioned as the most fashionable street of Chiang Mai from Soi 1 to Soi 17 . You can stroll through the street and enjoy shopping in a different atmosphere each day of the week. All the shops here including coffee shops, dessert shops and others will make it hard to resist shopping. Grab you wallet and go!

Day1Sweet & Dessert

  • Hom-pak-hom-kor The pleasantly decorated food shop which offers its specialty dessert -dark chocolate brownie. Served perfectly with the various cold drinks available at the shop. Hom-pak-hom-kor Read more...
  • Mont Blanc Sweet Café This is one of the final destinations for epicureans.  A French cake shop decorated in Japanese style which serves more than 30 choices of cakes.  They are so delicious that ordering just one piece may not be enough for you! Mont Blanc Sweet Café Read more...
  • Jarin Pie Homemade Gourmet pie with a distinct flavors like no one else. Every piece of pastry is stuffed with high quality ingredients and has an exquisite taste and texture especially all of the Coconut, Blueberry, Pumpkin, and Apple pies and also their creamy Cheesecake. Jarin Pie Read more...
  • iBerry Landmark of Nimmanhaemin Road A very cool designed ice cream shop.  The ice cream here is so creamy and delicious. Once you try desserts here, you'll have nothing to regret anymore. The shop’s must have dessert is the homemade ice-cream. The yellow mascots of the shop are welcoming all of you and waiting for you to take a photo with them! iBerry Read more...

Day2 : Chic Coffee & Afternoon Tea

  • Ristr8to Coffee A new coffee shop, Coffee Art style for the people who love the taste of aromatic coffee imported from all over the world.Decorated in dark tones, inviting and cozy.  The owner of this establishment has won six of the world's top Barista contest. Ristr8to Read more...
  • Librarista Coffee Library Coffee- Mixes cozy modern styles ideal for reading while relaxing and drinking aromatic coffee.  A cool place to chill in Chiang Mai. Librarista Coffee Read more...
  • Kafe Roubaix “Rube Café” - A Café for those who love bicycling.  Bike riders will normally be gathered here.  Coffee lovers should not miss out on this place.  They serve strong coffee, delicious desserts and breakfast in the morning. Kafe Roubaix Read more...
  • Tichaa Tearoom by HARNN The followers of HARNN should not miss!  The shop is infused with aromatic tea and has a great selection of fusion cuisine that blends the food in ways that you are not familiar with. The highlight is the Tea set with fusion snacks, Thai desserts and scones. Tichaa Tearoom by HARNN Read more...


Guide Book Chiang Mai
 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


Day3 :  Cool Activities in Relax Day

  • Gallery Seescape Located in the downtown of business area, it can ignite your imagination. It also attracts people who are art-lovers, allowing them to show their skills and exchange their ideas with each other. Inspiring many stories in the heart of the business area in Chiang Mai, this place is a must to visit! Gallery Seescape Read more...
  • The Booksmith The bookworm's well-known fantasy bookstore. It's compact design is a pretty fit. Every book here is exclusively selected. The Booksmith Read more...
  • C.A.M.P AIS- Creative and Meeting Place The new hanging out place in the Maya shopping mall which provides free Wi-Fi in the library. It is decorated in a home-like comfortable style and is a quiet place to work and read books. There are couches and power plugs. You can also order food and drinks because they do not limit your time or rush you out C.A.M.P AIS- Creative and Meeting Place Read more...
  • Power House Gym Take care of yourself by going to a gym with full-service fitness equipment. There are professional trainers to assist and give advice for having a safe and effective exercise session. They also offer private personal trainers to get your body fit and firm for sure. Power House Gym Read more...

Day4 :  Local Street Foods You Must Try

  • Ivy Gourd Noodle The identity if this shop is that they use Ivy Gourd instead of cabbage or the morning glory that we normally eat in Thailand with noodles. The Ivy Gourd vegetable can help neutralize a fever and help sooth itching and burning. They are both, helpful and delicious. Ivy Gourd Noodle Read more...
  • Tong Tem To restaurant In Chiang Mai, it is a small table full of many kinds of foods which is traditionally had by locals. Second-to-none delicious food is served here. In a shady garden, you can relax and listen to music while enjoying the special food from the menu. For example, Fried Streaky Pork with Fish Sauce and Curry Vegetables with Ant Eggs. Guaranteed deliciousness. Tong Tem To restaurant Read more...
  • Fried chicken with Kaffir lime leaves In a special restaurant on Nimmanhaemin Road, they use kaffir lime leaves and lemon coriander root to marinate the chicken overnight. Fried promptly until they have a delicious aroma. The chicken meat is so delicious that is will have you craving more. They also have papaya salad dishes with prices starting at only 15 Baht. Fried chicken with Kaffir lime leaves Read more...
  • Nimman Deep-fried dough stick or Youtiao nimman-  Is only 10 baht. The shop has been operating for more than 15 years and it's popularity has never decreased. Customers are attracted by large pairs of Deep-fried dough sticks that come with soya milk. The small one is only 3 Baht. You can have it eat in or takeaway if you'd like. Nimman Deep-fried dough stick Read more...


 Guide Book Chiang Mai
 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


Day5 :  Great Places for Hipsters

  • Koland Café This shop combines food manufacturing and art together. The shop is finely decorated and has fantastic foods. Don't miss the special meal, a flower salad known as Gaysorn Mamiao. We are pretty sure that you will be surprised by the food quality here. So, don't forget to check it out! Koland Café Read more...
  • Nori – Nakara Okujou Robata & Izakaya The only roof bar in Nimmanhaemin Road with a great atmosphere that's hard to explain. Rated 5 stars, the decor is warm and romantic. An ideal place to take your sweetheart out for dinner. You can have a 180-degree view of Chiang Mai  while enjoying the Japanese foods and fresh drinks. This meal will be beyond your expectations. Nori – Nakara Okujou Robata & Izakaya Read more...
  • Larb Bar Lab bar- Is fantastic with its design and decoration. There are certain recommended meals here, especially the Pork mixed with Chili Sauce and the Ground Pork Salad served with Roasted Vegetables. These are a must for foreigners! Larb Bar Read more...
  • The Salad Concept Focusing on clean-eating, this warm and cozy restaurant offers you healthy foods with  fresh daily hydroponic produce. Specialties include herbal drinks and smoothies. The Salad Concept Read more...
  • Steak Meet Love Welcome Hipster! There is nothing quite like this steakhouse restaurant. Small but always packed, serving juicy grilled steak. Don’t leave without a Submarine order, fries topped with cheddar cheese and crunchy bacon. Steak Meet Love Read more...

Day6 :  Dance in the Floor

  • Warm Up Cafe They say there is no place like home. But here is the second home of Chiangmai peeps! The non-stop music will keep your heart beating. Come try our food and drinks and let's rock the dance floor. Warm Up Cafe Read more...
  • Infinity Party animals are going to love this place! Elegant and luxurious design but kind to your pocket. The large hall and hazy lighting are perfect for hanging out with friends. Stay up all night and enjoy the party! Guaranteed specialty. Infinity Read more...


Guide Book Chiang Mai
 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


Day7 :  Chill Drink .. Chill Night

  • Myst Rooftop Bar & Restaurant With another branch in Thong-Lo, Bangkok.  This has now become a must-try bar. Apart from their many signature cocktails, such as the “Rainbow Shot” (7 shots with 7 colors), the bar is on the mountaintop allowing you to see the night lights and a have a view of Doi Suthep. Myst Rooftop Bar & Restaurant Read more...
  • Roof Bar High class decoration while still keeping a friendly price. Don't forget to order the signature “spongy beer" (Jello Beer). With only 15 tables and by the bar stools suitable for meeting and catching up with friends. Take in the view and enjoy the food. There are also free fried nuts for every table Roof Bar Read more...
  • Klin-Kaffe is a nice coffee shop that also sell beers! Don’t miss out on the spongy cold beer which comes highly recommended by the locals, is cost friendly and served with special German Pork Hocks. There is also a live band which livens up the evening. Klin-Kaffe Read more...
  • Coffee Bar after Sunset (CBS)  Starting out as a small coffee shop, now turned into a popular bar. Feel comfortable in the wood bar seats while enjoying your alcohol drink. Their simple yet classic 4 menus contain draft beers, spirits, cocktails and spongy beer (Jello Beer). Here, free salty bread sticks are served all night! Coffee Bar after Sunset (CBS) Read more...
  • Lism Café - Good Drinks, Good Music, Good for you   Here we are, Centre Point of the entire hip scene! Live bands, cool people and a great atmosphere. While drinking, you can indulge in some billiards and enjoy some good food at very friendly prices. Get on the dance floor or just chill out with some friends. Lism Café Read more...
  • Shazz Addicted Cocktail Bar with European style. The best part about sitting here is the privacy you get in this Easy-Talking Bar. The menu contains a lengthy list of cocktails. With Jazz, House or Soul music playing that will make you want to come back. Shazz Addicted Read more...
  • Beer Republic This place is called Heaven for Beer Lovers!  A Beer Bar with a cozy style that will comfort you all night. The highlight is the Beer Set, it comes with 10 glasses of beer ranked in varying degrees by the strength of the alcoholic content! Let's see who the man of the night is! Along with the beer, you can have your empty stomach filled with great foods. Beer Republic Read more...


Guide Book Chiang Mai

 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


 Chic Hotels in Nimmanhemin ,Chiang Mai

  • Nimman Soi9  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi9 :   900 - 1,200 Baht  Click here    
  • Hallo Dormtel  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi13  :   900 - 1,500 Baht   Click here    
  • Pann Malee Home  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi17  :   1,000 - 1,400 Baht   Click here    
  • Banthomsathan Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi5 :  1,000 - 9,000 Baht   Click here    
  • Yesterday  Nimmanhaemin Rd., between Soi11 – Soi13 :  1,000 - 5,000 Baht   Click here    
  • At Niman Conceptual Home  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi9 :   1,000 - 7,500 Baht   Click here    
  • The Artel Nimman Hotel  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi13 :   1,200 - 1,700 Baht   Click here    
  • The Kantary Hills Hotel  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi12 :   3,000 - 7,500 Baht   Click here    
  • Nimman Mai Hotel  Nimmanhaemin Rd., between Soi2 – Soi4  :   2,800 - 4,500 Baht   Click here    
  • Yantarasri Resort  Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi6  :   7,000 - 18,000 Baht   Click here    

 Search Hotel in Nimmanhemin ,Chiang Mai


Guide Book Chiang Mai
 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


Places to buy Souvenirs when you visit Nimmanhaemin Road ,Chiang Mai  Silver Birch, Wit’s Collection, SeeSanPunMai (Color of Nature), Deco-Moda, Baan-Tukta, TidTaTidJai, A.S.Fine Jewelry, Dom shop, Think Park  

Shops & Dine at Chiang Mai International Airport

  • Restaurant - Thai Airways Restaurant , Khaosoi House , Burger King , Puff and Pine , Bill Bentley Pub
  • Shop - King Power Duty Free , Chitralada , Raklanna , Mapas , Kanom Ban Arjarn

*More information about shop and restaurant at Chiang Mai Airport Click here

Vat Refund  During Boarding, Foreign tourist who buy goods in which that the VAT is not less than 2,000 BAHT. Don’t forget to get a Vat Refund. Click Here


Guide Book Chiang Mai
 Guide Book: Issue 02 "Chill Walk Chill Week @Nimmanhaemin" 


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