Guide Book Issue13 - Welcome Year 2560 Mae Hong Son, city of fog with 60 destinations that everyone falls in love

Guide Book Issue13 - Welcome Year 2560 Mae Hong Son, city of fog with 60 destinations that everyone falls in love


    Mae Hong Son.. City of fog that is very romantic. Here, in addition to unique atmosphere, nature, and interesting culture of Karen, it is also a destination of tourists from around the world who want to experience the unique charm that is hard to emulate. All this fascinating we already gathered in this Guide Book.


Guide Book Issue13

Welcome Year 2560

"Mae Hong Son, city of fog with

60 destinations that everyone falls in love."


    Mae Hong Son.. It is known as the city of 3 fogs because the city is surrounded by many high mountains, cold and covered with fogs throughout the 3 seasons. It is also rich in natural, beautiful scenery, and diversity of the culture which has unique charming. If you want to experience a cold wind, mist, green forest and Karen lifestyle community this province is the answer for you.

 Climate 16-33 Celsius.

 Weather Mae Hong Son has obviously different season known that 'The fog city of 3 seasons'.

 Summer: Hot weather in mid-February - May
 Rainy: Heavy rain in mid-May to October (August heaviest raining).
 Winter: Very cold especially on the high mountain in October to mid-February.

 A journey to Mae Hong Son?

 By Airplane:  From Suvarnabhumi Airport & Donmueang Airport
 By Car: Takes about 13 hours
 By Train: From Hua Lamphong Station, Bangkok
 By Bus: Takes about 14 hours.



 How to Pack A Bag?  Clothes, Personal items, Medicines,Flashlights*, Sunglasses, Pocket book.

 Trip to High Mountain in winter > sweater, scarf, knit hat, gloves, socks, trusted shoe.
 Photography lovers > Camera, Pocket book, Phone**, Phone Charger, Power Bank***.

*When There No Electricity.
**Download AOT Application in IOS system and Android today Click here!
***A Power bank is not allowed to load on the plane. You can bring it on the plane though. (As long as it doesn’t have a capacity over 32,000 mAh)

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 Things to do

  • Experience the charm of street art. "Pai walking street"
  • Watch a mist with slow life "Mon Yun Lai"
  • Stop buying souvenirs of Karen at “Huay Sua Tao”
  • Sipping tea, sightseeing and eating China Yunnan pork recipe, "Ruk-Thai Village"
  • Visiting to Switzerland of Thailand, "Pang Ung."
  • Photography Bua-Tong (lotus) field, "Doi Mae Au".
  • Enjoy on an elephant, view natural scenery, "Pang-Chang-Ban-Hauy-Tor".
  • Skin care with 1 of 3 best muds in the world, "Phu-Clone Country Club."



 Mist & Nature Sightseeing

1. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

The temple symbol of Mae Hong Son consists of 2 Mon relic’s pagoda and Thai-Yai art temple that worship of the inhabitants. It also has a scenic high view that one of the most beautiful. Read More>>

2. Bua-Tong (Lotus) Field, Doi Mae Au-Kor

Lotus fields covering an area of over one thousand hectares of the popular tourist destinations of foreign tourists who come to watch the largest and most beautiful lotus bloom in Thailand. In one year, there is only one time in November to December. Read More>>

3. RakThai Village

Get through a thousand curves and enjoy a wonderful Yunnan Village surrounded by fantastic view, nice air, and wonderful tea field including lovely authentic Yunnan cuisine. Read More>>

4. Pang Oung

Switzerland of Mae Hong Son formally named as ‘Pang Tong Under Royal Forest park 2’ It used to be opium planting area of some ethnic groups until it was developed to be the foggy sea sightseeing place and other tourist spots. It was such a romantic place like the heaven on the earth especially when the sun is shining. Read More>>

5. Hui nam Dang National park

As known as ‘ Doi Kiew Lom’; a  wonderful famous lookout. The rising sun can be sighted in the morning including the foggy sea which was voted as the most beautiful one in Thailand.  Let’s enjoy heaps of flowers which are in full blossom and fresh air in the end of Winter. Read More>>

6. Phra That See Chom

There are Phra That Chong Chang Temple, Phra That Chom Thong, Phra That Chom Kitti and Phra That Chom Morn located on the Doi of Mae Sariang area which is named as the land of Phra That See Chom; propitious and respectable temples of the city. Read More>>

7. Pai District

When we think about Mae Hong Son, we will definitely have pai in our mind. Pai is one of the most popular spots for the tourist who are keen on freezing air and warm nature. There are several of accommodations, restaurants and unique cultures

8. Su Tong Pae Bridge

Thailand’s longest bamboo bridge spanning through villagers’ field and a small river which is the transportation path of the villagers is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Mae Hong Son. The view of people offering food to the monks in the morning is familiarizing image. Read More>>

9. Phu Chee Pher

The new lookout near Doi mae Ou Kor. The panoramic view of sunrise and foggy sea is such an interesting thing. The highlight spot is the blossom of yellow marigold which can be seen from the top spot. How romantic there is! Accomodations are available for rent for everyone who would like to get a little bit closer to the nature. Read More>>



10. Doi Pui Ko

As known as ‘Doi Pui’ and golden field area. Enjoy the terrific landscape which cannot be put into  word including 360 degree of foggy sea. Don’t forget to see the sunrise and sunset in the daytime and the star sightseeing at night. Read More>>

11. Mon Yun Lai

The morning foggy sea lookout in pai area. A lot of tourists head there to the first sunrise of the day. There is a well for drink flowing from the top of Mon Yun lai to the bottom of the hill including accommodations, camping area, bathrooms and stores.  Read More>>

12. Pang Mapa Cave

A kilometer long cave whose esthetic is always mentioned among tourists. It is full of wonderful natural  stalactites, and we will glittering and sparkling stone at the middle of the cave when we do another 300 meters raft riding. Read More>>

13. Long Neck Karen Village

Ban Huai Seau Tao, This Karen Village is the closet one to the city. Their life remains traditional which is recommend for the tourists to take memorable photographs. Moreover, there are heaps of accessories and souvenirs available for sale. Read More>>

14. Pai Walking Street

It is one of the most colourful and crowded streets in the Northern of Thailand. There are several souvenirs, handicrafts, nice cuisines, postcard and trendy stuffs available in the unique splendid night time. Read More>>

15. Huai Tor Elephant Camp

Riding an elephant to enjoy the amazing nature and deeply breath the fresh air. It takes 20 minutes to get to Huai Tor Elephant Camp by walking through Pai River and Tha Pong Daeng Royal House. Read More>>

16. Pai Memorial Bridge

An ancient historian bridge, in the past, it normally was a wood bridge that japanese soliders used to move their troops to Burma. Nowadays, it becomes one of the top tourist attractions in the province. Nearby, there is a cafe for spending time appreciating the splendid view Read More>>



 Restaurant so great to click Like!

17. Before Sunset Coffee
Location : the parking lot at Doi Kong Mu temple, Mae Hong Son province.

The most catchy name cafe where people need to stop and ask for repeating the name again. In one side of the cafe, there is the most attractive balcony that poke itself out beyond the border of the mountain. You can enjoy the never ending view while fulfilling your stomache with delicious menu and souveniors. Read More>>

18. Coffee Morning
Location :
Singhanat bamrung road, Mueng district, Mae Hong Son province.

A turn-back-time vintage cafe where the building was constructed with aged blockhouse. Even it has been renovated but it is still cliche and has many cool spots for taking memorable photos, including postcard corner, guest house, and cafe & bakery corner with tender taste that you cannot resist. Read More>>

19. Hern Home
Location : Chamnan Sathit road, Meung district, Mae Hong Son province

The chic cafe in Mae Hong Sorn province built in a warm tender atmosphere, most suitable for chilling out, or spending an evening talk. Who are searching for chilling ambience, this one is highly recommended. Read More>>

20. Baifern
Location :
Khoon Loom Prapas road, Jongkum sub-district, Mueng district, Mae Hong Son province

An old wooden house has been transformed to a popular restaurant with an antique style decoration highlighted with Burma furnitures inside. Here serves delicious Thai and varieties of local dishes. Read More>>

21. Khrua Tip
Pradith Jongkum, Jongkum sub-district, Mae Hog Son province

An aged restaurant which has opened their service for more than 10 years. It is decorated with a simple style, serves with friendly and smily service, also fulfils your stomache with the most delicious dishes that you need to try once!

22. Joke Swoey
Nivet Pisan road, Mueng district, Mae Hong Son province.

Hot served breakfast needs to give this restaurant a credit! The most popular rice porridge in town that everybody needs to try. The taste here has high reputation, including Tom Leud Mhoo (boiled pig’s blood soup) served with a cup of hot rice, they will make your day worth!

23. Pinyo Kitchen
Location: Rajaburana road, Mae Hong Son province

A local restaurant which operates for a long time service untill it has been well known among tourists, there are always a queue line up to taste the dishes. The restaurant is simply decorated with nice atmosphere and friendly service is their selling point. Read More>>

24. Kaimook Restaurant
Khoon Loom Prapas, Mueng district, Mae Hong Son province

A teak wood restaurant which has opened their service for more than 20 years. There have both Thai and local dishes. It is decorated with the most original Thai northern style furnitures. Read More>>



25. Kaew Mora House
Location: Moo 1, Sob Pong Sub-District, Mae Hong Sorn province

Lanna blockhouse style restaurant decorated with wood and beautiful flowers. They serve Thai, Chinese, and Nothern local dishes with friendly service. Read More>>

26. Chibanapai
Pai district, Mae Hong Son province

Chinese-yunan restaurant which is so popular in Pai city. It serves the original chinese-yunan dishes. For example, stewed pork legs with herbs, fried fried steamed dumpling and other delicous menus. For the atmosphere inside, this restaurant is decorated in truly chinese style with red lanterns. You can obviously see beautiful mountains and the nice sunset easily. Read More>>

27. Leewine
Rukthai village, Mhok Jum Pae sub-district, Mueng district, Mae Hong Son province

Another one long-time service chinese restaurant with original chinese decorations in the middle of the beautiful lake side view. This place give you a touch of cold weather all year. Besides this, they create a magical dishes such as tea leaves spicy salad, wild rice stem fried and stewed streaky pork with herbs. It can be called as a long-history inherited chinese Kwang Tung dish. Read More>>

28. Cafecito
Location: Moo 8, South Vieng sub-district, Pai district, Mae Hong Son province

5 stars mexican restaurant with the most economical prices. They serve many mexican menus that everybody must try at least once in their life. Besides, there are also the most talked-about coffee which they plant and in-house-made coffee seed. It makes the cup great scent far miles away. Read More>>

29. Hern Yai Kaew
Sing Ha Nart Bum Rung road, Jongkum sub-district, Meung district, Mae Hong Son province

The most chic talked-about restaurant in Mae Hong Son. This restaurant has a retro style decoration, open air space with a very good ambience and friendly service. About the taste, there is nothing to talk about, surely no one can compete! Read More>>

30. Ann-Poch-Cha-na
Moo1, T.KhunYuam, KhunYuam district, Mae Hong Son

Thai restaurant and local food, beautiful decoration, the atmosphere is good and the service friendly. There are many menu of food that selected from the best quality ingredients. Read More>>

31. Cafe De Grill
Location: Moo 12, Mae Sa Reang Road, Tambon Baan Gad, Mae Sa Reang district, Mae Hong Son

Delicious steakhouse that adapted recipe with local ingredients and special sauce by using Karen peppers, Coffee of this restaurant uses coffee beans that grown in local area. The highlight of the restaurant is super cute panda statue that customers who come to take pictures for memorial. Read More>>

32. Ti Paa Sri Bua Restaurant
Location: Singhanat Bumrung Road near Saay Yhud market

Old restaurant of Mae Hong Son that produce tasty food more than 30 years. The menu that must try is Chin-Lung and Oup-Kai; most customers say the same thing that it was very delicious! There is also infinitely more delicious menu to taste. Read More>>


 Romance Accommodations under The Stars And Mist

33. Lee Wine Ruk Thai Resort 

Address: Moo 6 Tambon Mokjampea Amphur Maung, Other, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 900 – 6,000฿


34. Pai Vieng Fah Resort 

Address: 239 Moo.1, Mae Hi, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 900 – 3,000฿

35. Puri Pai Villa 

Address: 130 M.1 T.Mae Na Theung, Mae Na Toeng, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 2,000 – 15,000฿

36. Montis Resort 

Address: 358 Moo 5, Viengtai , Pai City Center, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 3,000 – 10,000฿

37. Pai Island Resort 

Address: Vieng-Tai, Pai City Center, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 4,000 – 15,000฿

38. Reverie Siam Resort 

Address: Moo.8 T.Wiangtai , Pai Riverside, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 4,000 – 12,000฿

39. Pai Hotsprings Spa Resort 

Address: Moo 2, Tambol Maehee, Amphur Pai, Thung Yao, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 1,000 – 5,000฿

40. Belle Villa Resort Pai 

Address: 113 Moo 6 Huay Poo - WiangNua Rd., Tambol Wiang Tai, Pai City Center, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 2,000 – 10,000฿

41. Pai Nai Fun Hotel 

Address: Moo 1, Baan Hee, Pai Riverside, Pai,Mae Hong Son
Rate: 700 – 4,000฿



42. Hotel Des Artists Rose of Pai 

Address: Moo 3 Chaisongkhram Rd, Wiang Tai,, Pai Riverside, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 3,000 – 7,000฿

43. Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm 

Address: Moo 3, Vieng Tai, Pai Riverside, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 2,000 – 12,000฿

44. Pai Talay Guest House 

Address: Moo 5 Maehee, Thung Yao, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 2,000 – 2,500฿

45. The Oia Pai Resort 

Address: หMoo 1 Baan Mae Yen, Pai City Center, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 2,000 – 8,000฿

46. Banviewnam Camping & Resort 

Address: Moo5 Ban Tha Pong Dang, Phabong,Muang, Mae Hong Son Town Center, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 2,000 – 3,000฿

47. Imperial Mae Hong Son Resort 

Address: Moo.8,Pang Moo.Muang, Mae Hong Son Town Center, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 1,000 – 4,000฿

48. Fern Resort 

Address: Moo 10 Phabong Muang, Mae Hong Son Town Center, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 1,000 – 3,000฿

49. Herntai Resort 

Address: 420 T.Maelanoi A.Maelanoi, Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son
Rate: 700 – 1,000฿



 Impressive Souvenirs in Mae Hong Son

50. Tea
Ching Ching Cha, Cha No. 12, oolong tea. Big resources plantation is at Baan RakThai, recommend choosing the tea that produce in a vacuum bag.

51. Pae-Yee bean, Pae-Lhor bean, Khoa Soi Tud
Famous snacks, Beans imported from Myanmar which found in the gift shop, the morning market.

52. Fashion style Ti people

Colorful native clothing, small size and fit, indigenous people often wear to go to the temple.

53. Gup-Ti Hat
Hats woven by bamboo sheath and the center is a pointed cone represents the identity of Mae Hong Son people.


54. Tribal Handicrafts
Goods that produced a lot are Hmong cloth, shirt, and shoulder bag which natural dying of Karen. It also has jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, beads that not expensive.


55. Wicker
Most of them are bamboo that they use every day. Basket that you purchase should be soaked in water for 1-2 days, then sun to protection moth.


56. Silverware
Bracelets, necklaces, beads are mainly tribal handicraft directly sent from Chiang Mai


57. Goods from Myanmar 
Jade, jewelry, sarong, marble, craving wood in Myanmar pattern, lacquer ware.


58. Knit Crib
Available at Pai district only. This knit crib sleep up to three people and doesn’t cause backache.


59. Pocket Knife
Famous knife store is in Mae Sa Reang District that named is T.Chang-Lek. There are quality knife, strength and suitable for use.



 Don't Back If You Not Try 1 in 3 of the world's best mountain mud

60. Mud Mountain Country Club 

Tourist attraction has been regarded as Unseen Thailand and Spa in Paradise, 1 in 50 of spas to be said that mud and water from here rich in minerals that are beneficial to the skin and circulatory system deputy from the Dead Sea but Thailand are more interesting because include herbs together. Read More>>

Open: ทุกวัน 08.00 – 17.00 น.

Don't Miss These Activities!

 Facial and body mask with mud 
 Relaxing massage
 Oil massage for stimulation
 Foot and body soak in a hot spring
 Buying beauty products from mud and mineral water.


Get to know Mae Hong Son'through letters already. See the precious cultural, natural attractions,
fine restaurants and also warm accommodations. Believes that any traveler would want to experience
the charm of this city on their own now, So waiting for? ... Pack your bags and go out together.
You will love this small town and do not want to back home for sure.

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