prayer-room,Aot,Chiang Mai

Muslim Prayer Room



The prayer room is provided for Muslim people to pray. It is located on the 2nd floor toward the International Departures. The service hours start from 7.00 – 22.00 and as the prayer room is used for Muslim prayers, there are 3 simple instructions to use the prayer room as follows:

  • Please do not use this room for over-night stay.
  • Baggage trolleys/belongings/any kind of food are not allowed to be taken inside the prayer room.
  • Please keep clean and make use of the items provided carefully.

It is not difficult to find this prayer room. It is the room with a green glass door and is clearly labeled with a sign. It is located between the first aid room and the lounge provided for monks and novices, and the religious practice room. Other landmarks are if you see Burger King or Mc Donald and if you continue walking a little, you will reach the prayer room.