Airport Parking

Airport Parking

​ Airport Parking
Chiang Mai Airport Parking
The parking space of Chiang Mai Airport is in front of the Terminal area with the parking fee as follows 


Rate 4 wheel car
1 hour  20 THB
2 hours  30 THB
3 hours  40 THB
4-12 hours  100 THB
13-14 hours                     200 THB
Overnight                         250 THB


Rate 6 wheel car
1 hour  50 THB
2 hours  100 THB
3 hours  175 THB
4-12 hours  250 THB
13-14 hours  250 THB
Overnight                        250 THB

free of charge for motorbike


Moreover, you are able to book other transportations such as train, ferry, bus, van and flight ticket as appeared below

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