Top Budget Hotels in Lampang

Top Budget Hotels in Lampang

    Another hotel that travelers are looking for 'Budget Hotels', prices are not too high. It also offers complete Equipped with facilities Central city In the province These hotels are in the area. We recommend 10 hotels below.


1. Baan Kham Wan Hotel

Address: Street flower gardens. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 800-1500 ฿

    'Baan Kham Wan Hotel' accommodation has been renovated. Guarantees satisfied with decorations and warm service. Guests can enjoy a vibrant downtown with ease. Enjoy visiting the famous sights of downtown.




2. The Coconut Hotel

Address: King Road Soi 3 downtown Lampang. Lampang.
Price: 600-2000 ฿

    'The Coconut Hotel' resort casual. Airport Lampang atmosphere beautifully. The spacious rooms Surrounded by palm trees and mountain views behind. Once immediately called up unexpectedly refreshing. There are also plenty of facilities and personal service. Free coffee shops and famous in New York, who was not to be missed.




3. At Home Boutique

Address: 9 Soi Suk Sawat Road Connecticut. King. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 600-2500 ฿

    'At Home Boutique' hotel style apartment boutique. Make every guest feel like you're relaxing at home. Lanna Contemporary interiors are simple but hidden under the warmth. Tone and white cement Amidst serene natural atmosphere. The convenient and close to many attractions.




4. The Cottage Lampang Hotel

Address: Street flower gardens. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 600-1200 ฿

    'The Cottage Lampang' accommodation lightly. Variety of boutiques, classic and modern, well-equipped with facilities and services provided both a monthly and daily basis. You can also see the mountains clearly. Including mini bar Chill at the hotel are available.




5. Aree Guesthouse

Address: Street Watis on the merits. Suandok. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 300-850 ฿

    'Aree Guesthouse' another hotel in downtown locations. Accommodation for tourists who want to visit downtown and tourist attractions nearby. The minimalist decor Cozy Feel Chill. Like a second home




6. The Riverside Guest House

Location: The Old Market Street. Suandok. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 500-4000 ฿

    'The Riverside Guest House' at the beginning of the journey starts here. Modern hotel with style. Equipped with facilities All rooms are beautifully decorated A relaxed I have come to truly relax It is a holiday experience you will not forget.




7. Hop Inn Lampang

Location: Phaholyothin Rd., Flowering gardens. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 500-1300 ฿

    'Hop Inn Lampang' accommodation in the heart of downtown. Equipped with many modern amenities and services. Also in a great location. Easy to get And minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport is only 77 km only.




8. B2 Lampang Hotel

Location: The main structures. King. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 500-1000 ฿

    'B2 Lampang' another hotel in the heart of downtown. Modern decor With comfortable amenities. Overlooking downtown and the mountain range stretches for an eye. The rooms are spacious Equipped with various services At a cost




9. R-Lampang Guest House

Location: The Old Market Street. Suandok. Muang. Lampang.
Price: 900-3500 ฿

    'R Lampang Guest House' style house has antique Filling Thailand. Boutique Guest House in the form of a cozy riverside. The rooms are private With facilities including cafes, restaurants, waterfront. Shop local handicrafts, souvenirs and much more.




10. Old Town Boutique Hostel

Location: Old Market Street downtown Lampang. Lampang.
Price: 300-3000 ฿

    'Old Town Boutique Hostel' accommodation in the city center. Style Boutique Comfortable rooms with great warmth. Feels like a stay in a second home. Enjoy the facilities and services of the hotel.



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