Top Pool Villa Hotels in Chiang Mai

Top Pool Villa Hotels in Chiang Mai

 Top Pool Villa Hotels in Chiang Mai

    To book a hotel or resort somewhere to relax on vacation. The main room is to choose. Even if the hotel room is pretty much what it is. Check-in customers well over a month I have. If a room with pool villas. That book a long time. Today we recommend 10 most beautiful hotel pool villas. Where you swim and enjoy. With views of the mountains and fog. The city has clearly :).


 Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Address: Sai - Mae Rim district, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
From: 25000-120000 ฿


    Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai ''s most elegant boutique. Under the excellent atmosphere Switch-lined mountain less In addition to the warmth and richness of the hotel. A Lanna-style decor. And pool villas borderless. Overlooking rice terraces arranged. And many activities within the resort Thailand and cooking classes, spa, elegant dining. And facilities that will make you feel like a princess, prince ever.




 Zen Sky Chiang Mai Villa

Address: Moo 5 Tambon Joe. Sai Noi. Sai, Chiang Mai
Starting price: 20 000 ฿


    'Zen Sky Chiang Mai Villas' nature resort ideal for relaxation. Support a family or even a romantic honeymoon. The quaint and contemporary design, spacious room with views clearly. It is a minimalist lie within their own homes here. Rooms feature a pool villa here to impress all visitors. Relax and forget the time to do it.




 137 Pillars House

Address: 1 Soi Wat Gate Road. District town Watgate Nawarat Chiang Mai
From: 10000-35000 ฿.


    '137 Pillars House' Boutique freshman force a choice of relaxation. In addition to a modern, comfortable and delicate attention to detail. Other elements include a spa, swimming pool, lawn, garden, and more worthy of the title of 'the most beautiful contemporary hotel in Chiang Mai' is tourists give praise.




 Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel

Location: Charoen Muang Soi 2 Charoen Rd., Wat Ket, Chiang Mai
From: 5000-13000 ฿.


    'Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel' small luxury hotel that combines fully complete. Here Lanna designed blend of contemporary East Asia. The inspiration comes from traditional houses in Chiang Mai. And its location in the heart of the historic community. It is surrounded by rich history. The rooms, pool villas. Which reflect the identity of the city, this clearly. In addition, the convenience and ease of service within the hotel was equally good impression on visitors.




 X2 Chiang Mai North Gate Villa

Address: Soi 10 Road Jewell's gems. Sripoom. Town white elephant., Chiangmai.
From: 20000-60000 ฿.


    'X2 Chiang Mai North Gate Villa' downtown hotel is designed in Lanna style villas. Accommodate up to 12 persons (with 5 bedrooms) also has a swimming pool 8 meters wide and the kitchen. Cooking can eat comfortably. That was both fun and relaxing, like being in a house of my own.




 Veranda High Residence

Address: Moo 2. Ban Pong district Chiang. Chiang Mai
From: 3000-40000 ฿


    'Veranda High Resort Residences' resort for a holiday of your dreams and families. Surrounded by nature Lush green mountains Relaxing atmosphere with moments of happiness that you do not forget. The designer of modern architecture blends beautifully. The pool villas to enjoy your swim. That if guests were not disappointed.




 Zen Oasis Chiang Mai Villa

Location: Chiang Mai - Lamphun. Tha Wang Tan. Sarapee. Mai
Starting price: 20 000 ฿


    'Zen Oasis Chiang villa' resort with all facilities. And most importantly, a swimming pool and 24-hour butler swimming amidst a romantic getaway. Ideal for family leisure




 Narittaya Resort and Spa

Location: Hang Dong - Samoeng. Water Parrot. Chiang. Chiang Mai
From: 3000-30000 ฿


    'Narittaya Resort & Spa' is a quiet town. Like a jewel hidden in the mountains. Welcome all travelers This is unique Quiet and fascinating Enjoy Villa style. Relax with a private pavilion Avoid all the chaos Come paradise you have here only.




 Zensala Riverpark Resort

Address: Wild tons. Forest ton.., Chiangmai
Start: 2000-9000 ฿.


    'Zensala River Park Resorts' resort on the banks of the Ping River. Rooms with breathtaking views. And facilities inside the hotel, a spa, an outdoor swimming pool. And Relaxing The rooms are elegantly furnished Pool Villa parallel views Thus enjoying a swim comfortably. Or to enjoy reading it as well the fresh air.




 Proud Phu Fah Hotel

Address: Moo 1 Rim - Samoeng (km 18) a. Pong Yang district of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Start: 2000-7500 ฿


    'Proud Phu Fah' hillside property that remain cool throughout the year. Here, surrounded by stunning scenery. And close to nature Back inside the house, both nine airy tone white and quicklime comfortable. Private balcony with river flow create a unique charm in one room, you are captivated.




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