Top Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai

Top Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai

 Top Luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai


    The atmosphere of Chiang Mai It is fully equipped for the rest of the top of Thailand that it views the air environment that is ideal for a Vacation Holiday's real. The luxury 5 star ++ The best answer to relax. Today we suggest 10 of the most luxuryl hotel in Chiang Mai, the most decorated luxury. And you need to wow!



1.Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Address: Mae Sai - Mae Rim district, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai..
From: 70000-100000 ฿.


    Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai ''s most elegant boutique. Under the excellent atmosphere Switch-lined mountain less In addition to the warmth and richness of the hotel. A Lanna-style decor. And infinity pool. Overlooking rice terraces arranged. And many activities within the resort Thailand and cooking classes, spa, elegant dining. And facilities that will make you feel like a princess, prince, not ever.




2.The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai

Address: Moo 1 Chiang Mai - Chiang Connecticut. Tha Sala district Sala., Chiangmai.
From: 40000-240000 ฿.


    'The Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai,' a hotel for a couple who must visit once in your life! Here infused with Lanna luxury five-star colonial-style blend. Surrounded by nature Fields of green Extra comfort with modern amenities. And offers many amenities All this whilst maintaining the lifestyle of the truly Mai. 




3.Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai - MGallery Collection

Address: Moo 2. Ban Pong district Chiang. Chiang Mai.
From: 12000-230000 ฿.


    'Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai - M Gallery Collection offers' luxury resort filled with an aura of calm and Zen. Even away from the city enough. It is considered an advantage Because, far from the bustle Everything looks good The room is located on the mountainside. Overlooking picturesque fully sighted.




4.Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

Address: New Road countries. Chang Klan Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai..
From: 25000-35000 ฿.


    'Anantara Resort Chiang Mai' luxury hotel in the heart of Chiang Mai. Ping waterfront Can comfortably walk to the night market. The decor combines traditional culture and Thailand beautiful and charming. Just come in, it will have the aura of the city is hiding. Just lie down in the room. Relax, it feels to me all day. Also available within the pool, spa, yoga and cuisine of renowned chef.



5.137 Pillars House

Address: 1 Soi Wat Gate Road. District town Watgate Nawarat Chiang Mai..
From: 20000-50000 ฿.


    '137 Pillars House' Boutique freshman force a choice of relaxation. In addition to a modern, comfortable and delicate attention to detail. Other elements include a spa, swimming pool, lawn, garden, and more worthy of the title of 'the most beautiful contemporary hotel in Chiang Mai' is tourists give praise.




6.Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort

Location: T. Chang Klan Road. Chang Klan. City Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai..
From: 18000-25000 ฿.


    'Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort' hotel along the Ping River. Combining ancient heritage of the city to prosper in the present perfect and more attractive. The room overlooking the magnificent river view luxury ideal for leisure travelers, including families. Or even a couple Surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and personal service within the resort.




7.Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel and Spa

Address: Charoen district cities. Changkhlan., Chiangmai.
From: 15000-30000 ฿.


    'Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa' natural resort. The retro-style colonial atmosphere. The interior is dominated by white blocks. Attention to detail Even a small hotel. But at the same time experience the luxury. From the comfortable amenities of the hotel. Under the concept, taking guests back in time to the days before. Make this award from Commissioner architect Lanna contemporary architecture.




8.Sibsan Resort & Spa Maeteang

Address: Moo 2. Kuet Chang. Taeng, Chiang Mai..
From: 10000-35000 ฿.


    'Sibsan Resort & Spa Maeteang' tranquil boutique resort. Tropical paradise garden to meet your holiday and vacation as well. Both romantic and elegant The combination of tranquil with the sweetness of the local community. 5 star service with a warm impression. And welcomed with a warm smile.




9.Shangri-La Hotel

Address: Chang Klan Road.., Chiangmai.
From: 7000-14000 ฿.


    'Shangri-la' City resorts that cater to the needs of tourists as well as in the rest. City Making it easy to get to The rooms were not disappointed me. Shangri-La is a luxury for the best. Surrounded by culture and finishing the 5 star ++ with modern amenities expected of a modern and well equipped.




10.Kantary Hills Hotel

Address: Street Nimmanheamin charts. Suthep. City Nimmanheamin district. Chiang Mai.
Start: 5000-6000 ฿.


    'Kantary Hills' luxury accommodation needs of new hotels and the apartment is complete. Combining beauty The spacious and comfortable with a variety of room types. The same is the spacious interior and amenities. All this makes Kantary Hill became a luxury accommodation in Chiang Mai, which is very strong on it.




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