Top Hotels for Honeymoon

Top Hotels for Honeymoon

 Top Hotels for Honeymoon

    Northern zone is ideal for honeymooners greatly. Because of the extreme cold Combined with a romantic atmosphere. Made during the honeymoon of the couple sweeter than ever. The Chiang Mai and nearby provinces. Filled with the hotel's Perfect. Ideal for celebrating marriage. This is where some of these hotels to simultaneously watch it here. :)



 The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai

Address: Moo 1 Rd., Chiang Mai - Chiang Connecticut. Sala Mai.
Price per night: 40000-240000 ฿.


    'The Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai,' a hotel for a couple who must visit once in your life! Here infused with Lanna luxury five-star colonial-style blend. Surrounded by nature Fields of green Extra comfort with modern amenities. And offers many amenities All this whilst maintaining the lifestyle of the truly Mai. 




 Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai – Mgallery Collection

Address: Moo 2. Ban Pong district in Chiang Mai.
Price per night: 11000-220000 ฿.


    'Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai - M Gallery Collection' luxury resort filled with an aura of calm and Zen. Even away from the city enough. It is considered an advantage Because, far from the bustle Everything looks good The room is located on the mountainside. Overlooking picturesque fully sighted.




 Sala Lanna Chiang Mai

Address: Rd. Charoen district of the city.
Price per night: 5000-10500 ฿.


    'Sala Lanna' luxury hotel with views of the river. With individually decorated with a unique charm. With facilities The Banquet private Party And other activities Make this a top hotel for their honeymoon the couple ever.




 Reverie Siam Resort

Address: Moo 8. Vieng Tai Pai river. Pai. Pai.
Price per night: 5000-12000 ฿.


    'Reverie Siam Resorts' resort in Pai. Vintage chic decorating style. But carries a romance. The rooms are warm Ideal for relaxation The honeymoon truly. The facility has a Mediterranean-style terrace Union offers them. Candlelight dinner Indulge your romantic moments and couples were full.




 Puripai Villa

Address: Moo 1. Mother Toeng. Pai. Pai.
Price per night: 20000-40000 ฿.


    'Puripai Villa' is located in the heart of nature on the valley. Creationism is a luxury accommodation that is ideal for relaxing. By privacy Combined with meticulous decoration Services and amenities at lifestyle completely. Puripai make a choice that no one dare deny.




 Pripta Boutique Resort

Address: Moo 3. Maehee river Pai. Pai. Pai.
Price per night: 4000-6500 ฿.


    'Pripta Boutique Resort' towering mountains. A lazy river captivating. Offering wonderful views and a lover of nature you can touch. A dip in the mineral water Easing concerns Enjoy the sun is below the horizon in the evening. This is the most romantic it!




 Cool Downs Resort

Address:., Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.
Price per night: 2500-3500 ฿.


    'Cool Downs Resort' 4-star comfort, but a full 10 with a great location. With top-class facilities created for the couple. The room was beautifully decorated. Everything perfect blend The charm of this place. No imitation




 At Nata Chiang Mai Chic Jungle

Location: Mae Rim - Samoeng Chiang Mai.
Price per night: 6000


    'At Nata Chiangmai Chic Jungle' boutique resort cement. The waterfront Close to nature Just walking into the lazy waterfall was heard throughout the day. Super quiet and privacy. Ideal for couples who love nature and want to experience real joy.




 Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm

Location: Riverside Viengtai Pai. Pai. Pai.
Price per night: 2200-7500 ฿.


    Pai Village Resort & Farm 'nickname' Enchanted Cottage Pai 'create an atmosphere of romance and environmentally friendly. To feel like you sleep at their own homes. Every molecule has a unique charm that is different from the others. But maintaining tranquility at all nostalgic for couples.




 Proud Phu Fah Hotel

Address: Moo 1. Rim - Samoeng district Chiang Mai.
Price per night: 5000-10000 ฿.


    'Proud Phu Fah' excellent choice for relaxation. Nature valley Fog and cool weather The unique decor Each villa has a unique design. Designed to Chiang Mai only. Ideal for couples who want to experience a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere.




 Other hotels in Chiang Mai and nearby. 


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