Top 5 Budget Travel in Chiang Mai

Top 5 Budget Travel in Chiang Mai


  Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium 


Start at 257* THB.

Deep to the blue sea. Amazing underwater world . Feeling beyonding imagination. Exclusive experience. If you can touch. Are you ready? The big travel underwater world.

Introducing to you Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is a living museum that boats South East Asia’s largest and most spacious underwater pathway. Exhibit various showcases of distinct environment that allows fresh water and salt water creatures to coexist under one roof, alongside representative territories from other significant ecosystems. The inspiration for this astonishing concept comes from the great Mekong River – display at the aquarium as it represents the major waterway that feeds and Quenches the thirst of millions of people across the six neighboring countries that its water sustain.

Package Inclusive:

  • Aquarium Ticket only included with Zoo and Aquarium entrance fee and round trip for Aquarium shuttle bus (from Zoo to Aquarium).


  • Child height over 135 cm will be applied for adult rate and child height under 90 cm. is complimentary (free of charge for Aquarium Entrance Fee)
  • Open Daily 
    10.00-17.00 hrs. : Monday - Friday
    - 09.00-17.00 hrs. : Saturday -Sunday and Public Holiday
  • This rate is applicable for Thai and Expat only.


  Chiang Mai Day Safari

Start at 183* THB.

Day Safari  Day Safari opens from   15.00 – 16.30  hrs. The tram will leave every 30 minutes to Savanna Safari Zone, which is the first zone. You will be able to observe animals like giraffes, zebras, red kangaroos, etc. at close range. Then, the tram will take you to the  Predator Prowl Zone, the 2nd zone which is home to predators like white tigers, lions, spotted hyenas, etc. The trip to the two zones takes 1 hr. to finish.

Jaguar Trail  The 1.2 km. walking trail passes around the beautiful Swan Lake and is home for more than 400 small animals of over 50 species. This opportunity can be enjoyed by all ages for relaxing, entertaining and educating.

Musical Fountain  Thrill to our Musical Fountain and Water Screen with laser graphics. Let our beautiful man made light show on one of the most beautiful fountain screens in Thailand sweep away your imagination. Show everyday at 8.00 pm. and 9.10 pm.

Package Inclusive:

  • Admission Ticket for Day Safari (Thai Market)
  • Jaguar Trail Zone (Walking)
  • Savanna Safari & Predator Prowl Zone (Tram ride)
  • Musical Fountain Show

  Chiangmai Night Safari

Start at 263* THB.

Chiang Mai Night Safari is considered to be the most beautiful night safari in the world. With over 300 acres of natural land surrounded by Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, the ‘nature theme park’ offers visitors the chance to interact with real, wild animals. The Safari open plains tour shows rhinocerous, giraffe, zebra and deer co-exist on the open plains, watched closely by a pride of lions! The Safari offers a series of trails over three main zones. The Jaguar Trail offers visitors a walk of around 1,200 meters and is open during the day and at night. The Savanna Safari and Predator Prowl areas use rail cars to move visitors around. This is the ideal opportunity to observe wildlife at night.

Package Inclusive:

  • Chiangmai Night Safari ticket only (inclusive of The Jaguar Trail, The Savanna Safari and Predator Prowl area).

  Flight of the Gibbon, Chiangmai - Midday

Start at 2,999* THB.

See the Jungle Through the Eyes of a Gibbon! Experience the beauty, magic and adventure of Thailands rainforest like never before! High in the the tree tops of a pristine national park, youll glide through the jungle canopy via 3 km (1.8 miles) of thrilling wire zip-lines, scenic sky bridges and adrenaline-inducing abseils. This is the largest canopy zip-line tour in the world! Along the way, our highly trained and safety-minded Sky Rangers will share their local knowledge of the rainforest flora and fauna that inhabit this ancient, biologically diverse wonderland. Flight of the Gibbon is an educational adventure guests will never forget, and will certainly be a highlight of their trip to Thailand!

Package Inclusive:

  • Canopy adventure tour Flight of the gibbon Zip line (Midday Round).
  • VIP round trip transfer (within the city of Chiang Mai)
  • Thai Lunch or Dinner Set
  • Complimentary Waterfall Trekking

  Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Start at 180* THB.

“Art in Paradise (Chiang Mai)” the first Illusion Art Museum of Chiang Mai, presents Illusion Art, the painting art requiring techniques and expertise in painting on a flat surface into a "3D" and giving a sense of realistic art. In addition, the museum also offers artworks in the form that allow visitors to take part in the artworks closely (Interactive Art), where the visitors can take photos with creative imagination, emotion and postures designed to correspond with each painting according to their own preferences as if they are a part of the painting. (Realistic Art) “Art in Paradise (Chiang Mai)” was established by Jang Kyu Suk, a Korean, with creative paintings by professional painters from Korea, totaling 14 persons.

Package Inclusive:

  • Admission Ticket of Art in Paradise Chiang Mai


  • There is no pick up service provided.
  • No food or beverages are allowed.
  • This rate is applicable for Thais.
  • Child height 135 cm. and over is considered to adult rate




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